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January 23, 2008

Dentistry Library Transitions Mean Blog Transitions!

Those who watch this blog closely may have noticed that we changed the title of the blog:

Dentistry Library

Dental Information & Library Innovation

This name reflects some of the exciting transitions we will be undergoing over the next few months. I can't say it better than it was said by the Dean, so I have requested permission to share with our blog readers his message to the School community.


To the School of Dentistry Community:

This communication reflects the announcement and discussions at the faculty
meeting today that included Paul Courant, University Librarian & Dean of
Libraries, and Jane Blumenthal, Head of the Health Sciences Libraries.

There will soon be changes occurring in many of the libraries on the
University of Michigan campus. This will affect the Dentistry Library and
how it has been operated.

As demand and interests shift from print to electronic resources, the need
for a physical presence and onsite archiving of print materials lessens.
The University Library System and the School of Dentistry have agreed that
the physical space occupied by the Dentistry Library will no longer be
needed for archiving the print collection. Ongoing costs and utilization
assessments can no longer justify maintaining the physical space in the
School of Dentistry. This issue is not unique to dentistry or to the U of M
and is manifesting itself in nearly all disciplines and in most if not all
institutions worldwide.

With this change in the library structure, the dental librarian's role and
title will change to that of informationist. The informationist will have
an office in the dentistry building and will work with faculty, staff and
students on teaching, research, grants, informatics, community outreach and
special projects.

The collection will be removed from the Dental Building. The schedule for
this has not yet been determined, but we will keep you informed. We will
maintain access to books and journals and will continue to provide a full
range of library services, including electronic document and print materials
delivery services.

A combined School of Dentistry/Health Sciences Library task force will
facilitate the transition to a digital information resource by identifying
facilities and services that must be implemented as an interface to the
digital information resource. The task force will hold open meetings to
discuss these needs and any other issues to ensure that the transition
occurs smoothly.

We appreciate the essential role Patricia Anderson has played in the Dental
School and her contributions to its teaching and research. Patricia will
now focus on emerging technologies. She has been reassigned to the Taubman
Library, and I know that she will flourish in that role.

Peter J. Polverini, Dean

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