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April 14, 2009

Capture Web Page Data for Your RefWorks Account with RefGrab-It

RefWorks now has a web browser bookmarklet that lets you capture web page data easily. RefGrab-It is installed in your browser, so that you can click on the icon while browsing the web to collect information. RefWorks identifies the title and the URL of web page you’re on, then, in a new window, gives you the option to import the record into your RefWorks account. If an ISBN number, PubMed ID or DOI exist on the web page, RefGrab-It will automatically search various web resources (behind the scenes) to get supplemental information that you can also import, including references and RSS feeds.
Here’s the RefGrab-It icon in my browser window.


Click on the RefGrab-It icon and another page appears.


Click Import to put the record in your library.

Here's another web page. There are 2 tabs, because there’s more information than just that for the web page.


On the Other Info tab, you can see that I can import both references & an RSS feed. Please note: When importing references (not just web page information), you'll only be able to import the same number of references as is selected on the Search Online Databases page in RefWorks (the default is 50 references; for this page, I increased the number to 500).


RefGrab-It can be downloaded from the Tools menu in RefWorks.

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