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April 15, 2009

New Options in UM-MEDSEARCH

Recently, a new version of the UM-MEDSEARCH was released with some useful changes in search history, publication limits, and search fields.

Search History
When you do a search now, you’ll see a new option under Actions. If you click on More, you’ll get a menu that will let you easily delete, save, or create auto-alerts & RSS feeds directly from that search. If your search returns no results, Delete will automatically appear.

ovid_blog 1

Publication Year Limit
It’s now possible to limit your search results by “Last Year”, “Last 2 Years” and so on. Click on the Additional Limits button; you’ll find this new limit set at the bottom of the limits page.

ovid_blog 2

You’ll also notice that there's a box on the left marked Star Ranking. Star Ranking operates only in the Basic Search option and indicates how relevant a particular reference is to the search terms that you entered.

Links to PDFs of Full-text Articles in Citations
When full-text is available at no charge in the database, you’ll see a PDF symbol in the citation record. This is convenient, but don’t forget to click on the MGet It button when you don’t see the PDF symbol—we’ve paid for you to have access to many more journals than are available through the database, and you won’t see the PDF symbol for these articles.

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Customizable Search Fields
Now you can create a search using only the specific fields you want. Simply click on Search Fields tab and a new window opens. Choose the fields you want to search (the default is af or “all fields”) by mousing over the field you want to add. Plus/minus signs appear; click on + to add a field or to delete a field.

ovid_blog 4

I’ve checked 3 fields here, then entered search terms in the search box immediately above (osteonecrosis OR bone cancer AND 2000).

ovid_blog 5

Click on Search (immediately below the search box). Here are the search results, with the fields that I chose indicated in the search (sh, hw, yr).

ovid_blog 6

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