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June 24, 2010

New Systematic Reviews & Guidelines

Qian, Qian. Wang, Qian. Zhan, Ping. Peng, Ling. Wei, Shu-Zhen. Shi,
Yi. Song, Yong.
The role of matrix metalloproteinase 2 on the survival of patients with non-small cell lung cancer: a systematic review with meta-analysis.
Cancer Investigation. 28(6):661-9, 2010 Jul.

Laaksonen, Matti. Sorsa, Timo. Salo, Tuula.
Emdogain in carcinogenesis: a systematic review of in vitro studies. [Review] [108 refs]
Journal of Oral Science. 52(1):1-11, 2010.

Korreman, Stine. Rasch, Coen. McNair, Helen. Verellen, Dirk. Oelfke,
Uwe. Maingon, Philippe. Mijnheer, Ben. Khoo, Vincent.
The European Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology-European Institute of Radiotherapy (ESTRO-EIR) report on 3D CT-based in-room image guidance systems: a practical and technical review and guide. [Review] [120 refs]
Radiotherapy & Oncology. 94(2):129-44, 2010 Feb.

Joss, Christof Urs. Joss-Vassalli, Isabella Maria. Kiliaridis, Stavros.
Kuijpers-Jagtman, Anne Marie.
Soft tissue profile changes after bilateral sagittal split osteotomy for mandibular advancement: a systematic review. [Review] [42 refs]
Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. 68(6):1260-9, 2010 Jun.

Posted by pfa at June 24, 2010 08:56 AM


It makes sense, really. Parents who feed their children low quality food are probably more likely to neglect their hygiene as well.

Posted by: geneldds@gmail.com at August 25, 2010 01:20 PM

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