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September 10, 2007

Getting ready

It was nice talking with the Operation Smile student group today. I really hope I can share some interesting stuff with students. I also think it would be great if I could bring something from Michigan to children there. I hear office supplies are very desired in Kenya!

So what is it going to take to get ready to go? There are the personal issues of course... the vaccinations, pills, DEET, etc, the various forms, insurance, etc. What kind of clothes to bring? I hear the one sportcoat and tie is probably not a bad idea in case we need to go fancy one evening...

Then there are the preparations for the work to be done. I spoke with Dr. Rich Persiani on sunday who gave me a laundry list of things I need to bring. I will need to get a hold of some extraction set ups, and perhaps also a curing light. We'll be using triad to make obturators because it is not possible to transport polymethyl methacrylate.

Oh well....

Still working on learning some swahili!

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