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November 17, 2007

Hello from Uganda

I left Kisumu for Uganda yesterday after the completion of the Operation Smile mission. Before leaving, I unloaded some of my "stuff" by giving some hats and scrubs to staff at the hotel. I gave the security guard a nice Michigan hat. Then my friend arrived with a car that he borrowed from a physician colleague. It was quite a journey. My friend, Omondi, was kind enough to drive me to Busia, which is the border town between Kenya and Uganda. Driving out of Kisumu was quite a chore...so much traffic. Unfortunately, I realized about 5 miles out of town that I had left my laptop computer sittig on the sidewalk outside the hotel.

So, we drove all the way back to the hotel, which was cutting into our time, and all the way I worried if the laptop was still there. Fortunately, the gentleman who had my M hat found it and kept it securely for me. I was so happy! One of my goals in coming to Uganda, was to bring the laptop computer to Samson, from the Abayudaya community which was donated by Sid from Rochester, NY. I would have felt so bad if it was lost or stolen.

So I am here now in Uganda and will be going to visit the Abayudaya community, a Jewish community here near Mbale. I hope to talk with their medical director about establishing some future for dental care here. More in the next entry...

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