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March 22, 2007

Tegrity's Campus 2.0

The Tegrity's Campus 2.0 lecture recording system is a very interesting one, in that unlike many (most? all?) others, it does not require specialized hardware on the recording end. Where other vendors would have you install a recording appliance in every classroom (or have one that can be wheeled in on a cart), Tegrity only wants Active X installed on the machine (any machine) doing the recording. (There is a corresponding thin client for the Mac, but it's probably using something other than Active X :-))

It works like that: a professor comes in with a laptop, installs the Active X (or has it already), goes to a URL for the recording server, types some metadata for the session (title, description, his/her name) and clicks "Start". (The metadata can be pre-filled and recordings scheduled in advance). After the recording (s)he can click "Stop" and choose to publish the recording. Rudimentary editing is available, so that awkward moments can be cut out.

Since this is location-independent, it is also possible for someone to record a lecture from home, as long as a broadband connection to the server is available. The simplicity and flexibility of this system has no match in what I've seen so far in that space.

[Note: pricing info removed by request from Tegrity... There is this old saying, rule-of-thumb: "If they don't show you the price, you can't afford it." :-)]

True, the price goes down the next year, and we're likely to do more and more recordings, but still... At higher student counts (1,000 and more) the price per student goes down, so it might make sense to form a consortium of several departments, who would negotiate a substantial discount, purchase a larger license and share it. Again, the system does not care where the recording is made or by whom, and the server can sit anywhere.

I will likely invite a Tegrity rep to do a demo of Campus 2.0 at SI on March 29 - if interested, drop me a note at wlodek@umich.edu.

Posted by wlodek at March 22, 2007 09:17 AM


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