February 15, 2007

Fully online programs and courses at UM

I am interested in finding out about all the fully online courses and degree programs that exist in the UM system. At Dearborn, we have fully online courses in Engineering, Business, and Arts, Sciences, and Letters, and maybe a few in Education (we are very decentralized). The SOM has a fully online MBA program, the CASL is quite close to offering a BGS online degree and not far from being able to offer a BA or BS degree online. We are also collaborating with the Flint Office of Extended Learning to offer online courses jointly to students at both campuses. Flint currently has a large number of courses online, mostly lower division courses, while our courses are mostly upper division. This partnership agreement will enable us to offer a complete online BGS degree from UMD and will enable Flint to offer a complete online IDS degree. I am the Director for the CASL Distance Learning Office. http://www.casl.umd.umich.edu/casldistancelearning/ Deborah White is the Director of Extended Learning at Flint. http://oel.umflint.edu/

-- Caroline Landrum

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