March 23, 2007

Fettuccini Alfredo

So fettuccini alfredo isn't the healthiest meal for you, but every once in a while this is a great dish. I add a bit of nutmeg into this recipe just to add a little bit of a different flavor. The nice thing about alfredo sauce is that many different things can be added to it to change up the meal. Chicken, fish, crab, and mushrooms all go good with this meal. Now that it's spring, take a break from studying, or after your exams are done, go out and go fishing. Fishing is a really nice way to relax, and it can be fairly cheap to participate in. Most gas stations can tell you the local and state ordinances regarding fishing, and you can get your license there also.


I love fish! Fishing is one of my favorite time pass activity. I used to go for fishing on each weekend with my favorite and comfortable fishing boat... Hope this fettuccini alfredo is going to give me a nice taste while I will add this with my fish fry...

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