October 02, 2007

The Goodness Tree

If you have been noticing the random fruit giveaway the past couple of weeks, it might have been from the new student business called The Goodness Tree. I thought I’d give them some publicity (one of them happens to be a new friend from my Ethiopia trip).

The Goodness Tree was created by two friends who wanted to create a way for students without cars to be able to get fresh fruit. Their primary goal is to find the best tasting fruit and make it available for U of M students. Their second goal is to deliver fruit that is as sustainably grown as possible. They will primarily buy from Michigan farmers, but if the quality isn’t ideal, they look elsewhere.

Another great thing about this new student-run business is connection. These guys really make an effort to tell you everything they know about the fruit and to make it a fun experience. This is something that is so lacking in the American food system: connection to your food! These days we see food as objects not having any sort of origin—we see it is just an apple that we want to buy.

Visit The Goodness Tree website for ordering information or other info!


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