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December 02, 2007

The Great Situation ID challenge (YOU CAN WIN!) - additional comments

I found our exercise in class as a group determining situations of fork, properties of fork (plural), and property's of fork (possessive) very interesting. It was a fun exercise that allowed us to explore some unique characteristics that I may have never thought about on my own.

One thing that I found intriguing was the thought of a fork possessing something. The thought of a non-living object owning something was an image I had never really considered before. Needless to say, it led for a very fruitful discussion.

As we began to think about how a fork could possess something, we ran into the need to clarify between all three types of situations.

We agreed that there is no need to think that one distinction can only fall within one of the categories. Within each subcategory, there are numerous variations of a 'fork.' Many of these occurrences we found in everyday life. For example: the act of eating. For simplistic reasons, we can assume that there are many situations in which you would use a fork (i.e. to eat a steak). However, in the act of eating, you must pick up the food with the fork; therefore, at some point the food belongs to the fork and no longer to your plate or you.

After coming up with a laundry list of situations and physical properties, I realized that I learned the need to think and develop ideas in a creative, almost unorthodox, way. Doing so can expand your horizons and help you write poetry that be more meaningful due to the additional 'surfaces' of meaning you may embed within it.

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