January 16, 2008


i'm in a position i never imagined myself to be in. 4 months from now i will be graduating, which will leave me without a steady money flow. i should find a job, but my body and mind want to rest for a bit. i've been going full speed now for over three years (full-time student at a highly accredited university, working part-time, raising a 12yr old, taking care of responsibilities for both myself and kid).

my christmas vacation was dubbed a 'workcation' by kid. time spent in texas not resting and relaxing, but working to take care of an under-responsible child-shadow; who's family viewed me as a shadow of a child-shadow (you can speak, but will not be heard); epitimized by the phrase (names changed, but you get the picture)

"oh, davy, this is your last night in town ( said adult figure from other family)
"no, its all three of our last nights in town" (kid said).
as you can see, kid and i were, in this example, not acknowledged...who's at fault? child-shadow...adult figures...both...?
i'm appreciate the family taking kid and i in, feeding us, and taking us to the museum, but we were there for 8 days...i only slept-in 3, followed around child-shadow and adult figures most of workcation, no time to spend resting and relaxing, too busy being pushed by a schedule that was rarely shared...that's not a vacation (or even considerate); that's a workcation.
who was i to argue, i was only a shadow of a child-shadow.

when i got home, i was very happy to be back, but i'm tired. i'm very tired. i just wanted to rest my head for a couple days, but school had started and i was back to the grind.
i miss all my friends tremendously and wish they would call more often, or comment on my blog...i wish i had more time to call and write to them more often also...soon, when school ends; and all i'm doing it working, raising a 12yr old, and (hopefully) resting.

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