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April 18, 2012

Still here

It's so wonderful to be able to share bifurcating ideas, that eventually connect only to separate and reconnect somewhere with something --those moments of intersections are marvelous. just like us, ideas journey also, into and out of this system[s] that is connected to others.

I'm still here! Though being part of this here was doubtful this summer.

I am grateful for any, for every connections that happens.

What do we have for interpretation other than human senses --which cannot measure or understand all that exists.

We are limited, as are instruments humanity has made. A fork is wonderful for some of what must be likely slippage. Much can, does, I think fall between tines which can move in any direction through dimensions, on any scale, can curl, curve, behave in any way possible to behave.

I believe that everything has impact; the amount varies as does whether or not human senses can accurately detect this impact

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