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April 22, 2008

PubMed Bootcamp - Twitter for Education

It all began a little over a week ago, when I posted a link to a Pubmed search in response to a reference question that came out via Twitter. A reply came back that started the ball rolling.

Twitter: Pubmed Bootcamp - Where it all began

This turned into a conversation including several folk about why, as a single parent of a special needs child it is hard for me to commit to doing a Medical Library Association CE course, and then whether or not we could do something like a CE actually using Twitter.

Twitter: Pubmed Bootcamp - Summize Search

It actually wasn't my idea, but it sounded intriguing and I was definitely interested in trying it out. So this past Monday we actually started trying to do a ... well, a class, of sorts.

I set up a wiki to hold some of the content, but defined it broadly enough it can hopefully grow into a much larger and more useful resource than simply one course. I set up a Twitter account for the class, and a GroupTweet account so that everyone interested can post a shared dialog to one place.

Twitter: PubMed Bootcamp

Although it is pretty quiet so far, and not a lot of folk involved in the dialog, that makes it easier starting out. I am frankly thrilled with the dialog that is happening, and excited about the potential.

Tomorrow, we are going to try having our first "in class" game via Twitter.

Twitter: PubMed Bootcamp

You would be welcome to join us. :)

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