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June 18, 2008

Cool Toys Conversation - June 17 (Lib Staff)

We had another library staff Cool Toys Conversation yesterday. Here are the online tools and toys we talked about.

CureHunter: Visual Medical Dictionary: http://curehunter.com/public/dictionary.do
NOTE: A semantic tech application that allows you to search medical terms, and the search results are provided in three columns: (1) alternate terms and related concepts; (2) the definition followed by suggested MeSH terms for MEDLINE searching; (3) a graphic model of the drug-disease relationships. Useful for teaching.

Tag Galaxy: http://www.taggalaxy.de/
NOTE: Visualization tool that takes in a tag (seed concept), finds the top 9 related concepts, and displays them as a rotating solar system model.

The Health 2.0 Definition : Not just the Latest, The Greatest! | Ted Eytan, MD: http://www.tedeytan.com/2008/06/13/1089
NOTE: "Health 2.0 is participatory healthcare. Enabled by information, software, and community that we collect or create, we the patients can be effective partners in our own healthcare, and we the people can participate in reshaping the health system itself."

Sloodle: http:www/sloodle.org
SL - 2008 - SloodleMoot: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rosefirerising/sets/72157603756618446/
NOTE: "Sloodle is an Open Source project which aims to develop and share useful, usable, desireable tools for supporting education in virtual worlds, making teaching easier. Through engagement with an active community of developers and users, the Sloodle project hopes to develop sound pedagogies for teaching across web-based and 3D virtual learning environments. Sloodle integrates the Second LifeĀ® multi-user virtual environment and the Moodle learning-management system."

MPK20: Sun's Virtual Workplace: http://research.sun.com/projects/mc/mpk20.html
NOTE: An example of an alternate open source virtual world application.

Cookthink: http://www.cookthink.com/
NOTE: "To find a recipe based on what you're craving, plug up to eight tags into our "cookthink it" search tool." Possibly useful for dietitians and people working with nutritional and dietary behavior modification.

YouConvertIt: Free online media file conversion (Document, Images, Audio, Video & Archives): http://www.youconvertit.com/convertfiles.aspx

Annenberg Community Challenge Finalists Announced: http://networkculture.usc.edu/projects/21-network-culture-projects/61-community-challenge-finalists-announced.html
NOTE: Annenberg will fund 3 of 5 Second Life community projects. Three are healthcare related. Ability Commons is a collaboration of the SL medical librarian community and largest healthcare consumer (patient) support group community in Second Life. Read here: http://tinyurl.com/5c4vam Vote here: http://tinyurl.com/4olwah .

Funky Ways to Express Yourself - BeFunky: http://www.befunky.com/
NOTE: A graphic / image editor tool that take photographs and helps you make them into sketches and cartoons. Potentially useful for added color in slide presentations.

Cullect.com: http://cullect.com/
NOTE: A new RSS feed management tool that has been highly recommended and might be worth exploring.

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Nice, that was an easily understood practical advice piece. Thanks for writing it.

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