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November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! With Food 2.0, Part One

I had this idea months ago, and have been watching for things to use and collecting them for ages. Basically, well, I'd heard a rumor that one of the most searched words of all time was "recipe." Oh, and "porn" was another one, but I'm not planning to do any presentations about porn. Anyway, food examples and recipe searches are always big hits in my "how to" classes. I noticed how many recipes I see coming over the feed in Twitter, and thought, wow, it would be interesting to look at how food is present in social media. Thanksgiving seemed to be a good time for that, so I did. There turned out to be so much I had to split the presentation into two parts to get my computer to cope with it. Here goes nothing! Hope you enjoy.

Part One:
* Food in the Major Social Media Venues
* Social Networking and Food
* Videos & Podcasts
* Games
* Food for Families, Kids, & Budgets
* Food Blogs

Food 2.0, Part 1
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