December 12, 2007

University of Michigan IT jobs mailing list

Ronald D. Loveless and Ruth A write:

I speak on behalf of the IT Commons Stewards. We have created a joinable e-mail group titled, The purpose of this e-mail group is to advertise IT job opportunities across the UM campus. Posting to this e-mail group is optional and in addition to what units post to the eMploy site.

The IT Commons stewards believe that we should take advantage of the communication network here at the University of Michigan to better broadcast IT job opportunities. The eMploy system is useful for those actively seeking employment. But it is not so useful for “getting the word� out about IT job opportunities that occur across the campus. Additionally, many of us are connected to various IT professional associations and contacts outside of the UM. It is anticipated that some of you may forward these job postings thus promoting the recruitment potential for existing job opportunities here at Michigan.

I hope you will find this a useful way to become aware of IT job opportunities at Michigan, or to further advertise IT job opportunities that arise in your unit.

To subscribe, go to the directory entry and click "Join".

December 12, 2007 02:51 PM

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