March 22, 2008

The strange vocabulary of MAIS

I subscribed to the MAIS service management blog a couple months ago in the hopes that it would promote openness and transparency. It's turned into some strange type of FAQ, one with its own internal language.

MAIS stands for, Michigan Administrative Information Services, a department(?) which has managed to construct it's own hyper-language that mere mortals cannot understand. Witness:

Apparently there are citizens called "T2 people". T2 somehow integrates with "OLA information".

If you're not T2, apparently you might be B&F.

There are some usability issues, too: 1, 2, 3(!)

Citizens of this world seem to have trouble with acronyms and naming, too.

Find more from this foggy window into the MAIS kingdom here: If you understand any of these acronyms, or have managed to surreptitiously copy whatever cypher book they come out of, please call me urgently: 734 846 5010.

March 22, 2008 05:50 PM

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