June 2008

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June 23, 2008

LSA Portal Redesign Comps

I'm several weeks late in posting this, but here are a number of comps for the upcoming redesign of the LSA portal.

Notable: the design is staying in the 800x600 browser space. The designers are going for some pixel perfect alignment, which is sure to break in many browsers. Text size is tiny and often low-contrast. Visual hierarchy is a bit strange, but I love the new use of color.



I asked the devs whether any focus groups with students, faculty, staff, alumni (especially elderly alumni!) were held, but I haven't got a response yet.

I also wonder if there has been a styleguide written in parallel to this redesign (I know my college certainly doesn't have one yet).

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June 18, 2008

MCommunity on the way, UMOD being phased out

Good news from MCommunity via Katarina Thomas, the project manager.

We are working on an LDAP interface to MCommunity that will provide read (and, for certain attributes, write) access to this data. We are targeting release of this interface for the start of Winter Term 2009. At that time, we also plan to replace the current web interface to UMOD with a new web interface to MCommunity.

The team is asking developers to hold off on UMOD directory,

We encourage units that are planning any future services with dependencies on the directory to plan on data lookups either to MCommunity via the LDAP interface or to the HR PeopleSoft table

UMOD is to be phased out by Summer 2009.

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