October 2008

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October 24, 2008

Money available for doing creative things with technology in courses

The LSA Information Technology Committee has a significant pool of funds available for faculty who want to use technology in new and innovative ways in undergraduate classes. Grants of up to $5000 are not difficult to get -- there is a simple online application process.

Grants for larger projects -- up to $15,000, and even higher are also available. Those larger requests require more discussion and documentation, of course.

Grants are not competitive. Committee members and LSA Instructional Support Staff are happy to work with faculty to produce a valuable proposal.

Please submit a proposal if you believe you have a valuable idea. Level 1 grants -- up to $5000 -- are awarded on a rolling basis.

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Resources for creating accessible PDFs

The Web Accessibility Working Group held a meeting on the subject recently. Many resources are available in their CTools site; this page has more information.

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