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November 17, 2007

Print to (nearly) any network printer

You can send documents to nearly any networked printer at Michigan using the mPrint service from ITCS. Quite handy when you have a large job -- send it through the web, and it will be finished by the time you have walked over to the printer.

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October 12, 2007

Link checking tools

Here are some tools used by UM staff to check sites for broken links:

The W3C hosts a simple tool.

Willie N. says: I use httrack. Its mirroring capability is what really makes it a compelling package, and it does link checking at the same time. Of course, it also has an option to only do a link check, and not store an offline archive of your site.

Steve B. was using (but eventually had some problems with) LinkLint.

The School of Public Health uses CheckBot.

Matthew R: the Web Link Validator generates a simple one-page HTML report.

Steve L: "I was using Xenu to scan for broken links, but its not too user friendly with reports.

Collected from a conversation on WWW-SIG.

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