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January 31, 2006

all about you students.

(you can find this assignment on CTools as well)

YOU are responsible for designing and implementing a website about the students in this class. What does the site require? I'd say at least the following:

- a main page
- a navigation menu of some sort
- ONE WHOLE PAGE devoted to each and every student (there are 22 of them)

Content is information. You already have some information about each student- their names and pictures. How can you beef up your content? Put on your sleuthing togs and do a bit of investigatory journalism. Not too personal or invasive, thank you.

Some ideas: - talk to your classmates. get to know them.
- shy? IM them.
- feeling professional? send an e-mail request for a formal interview.
- feeling nosy? check out their websites or blogs.


- Limit yourself to a palette of TWO BASIC COLORS (as we did when colorizing the photos in our ground-breaking remote class this morning). - you are all working with the same basic material, yet you are IN COMPETITION with your classmates to make the best-looking and most interesting site. How will you distinguish yourself? The answer is: make a site that is interesting and looks good to YOU. Maybe you want to take a survey of the students and find out what they ate for dinner last night. I can imagine taking this idea and turning it in to a fascinating site. Whatsamatta? you can't? well, think of something better, then!

- MY ADVICE: Carry out this project as independently as you can. Your ideas will not seem so fresh when you've copied from someone else. If you are willing to make an effort and it is obvious to me that you are, I'll give you all the help you need. I do not always respond well to students who repeatedly ask the same questions about things we've already covered. YOU'RE IN COLLEGE ALREADY. I AM NOT HERE TO SPOON-FEED you this stuff. I expect you to be able to take the initiative to figure things out by yourself when you're stumped. THE FUTURE FAVORS A SELF-MOTIVATED LEARNER. Especially in a field like digital media, when things are constantly changing.

- figure out how you're going to approach this project. Theme (content), color scheme, typography, layout, etc. etc. Bring me a copy of your sketches/plans ON THURSDAY February 1, 2006
- Tuesday, February 7, 2006: research and content all gathered. pages created, internal links made.
- Thursday, February 9, 2006: any glitches ironed out, everything is working, design is tweaked, site is uploaded and functioning.

Any files you need can be found here.
Also, the link to Michael's excercise.

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