January 31, 2006

remote class experience

was it sucessful? what people said:

(expletive not condoned)

I think we'll try it again in a few weeks.

The full transcript of the 3-hour class is on CTools in the resources folder under GoLive.

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January 19, 2006



A3Radio's WebCam
High atop the Hutzel Building!
refresh page every minute or so.
from mainstreetannarbor.org
(liberty and main streets)

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January 16, 2006


TUESDAY, January 24:
A visit from notorius political cartoonist TED RALL. He will give the Penny Stamps lecture on Thursday, but you'll have him all to yourself on Tuesday.

THURSDAY, February 2: Wildly original MFA graduate Chris Landau will come speak about his new web project, The Flocking Party, which will debut officially on February 1. Preview it here.

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January 13, 2006

the AIM link code

from sharp-shooter Michael Rado:
(and it DOES
open iChat)

my screen name: <a href=aim:goim?screenname=catspawpaw> catspawpaw</a>

my screen name: catspawpaw

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check this out!

a bit of code from your fellow student Gary Blackburn:
(go ahead- paste it into your page and see what happens! Remember to change it to plain text)

<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="radio" onClick="document.bgColor='orange'">
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="radio" onClick="document.bgColor='blue'">
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="radio" onClick="document.bgColor='yellow'">

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