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June 07, 2007

University of Michigan & Michigan Economics

A recent report from University Research Corridor (Empowering Michigan) presented these core findings.

"The study found the universities accounted for 94 percent of federal academic research dollars brought into Michigan; all three are among the top 75 of more than 600 U.S. research universities.

Over the past five years, they have helped launch more than 79 startup companies based on university research and helped attract a far greater number of companies that want to be near universities. Expansion Management Magazine recently ranked Ann Arbor the No. 1 region in the nation for availability of knowledge workers. The East Lansing/Lansing area was also highly ranked."

The press release is available at:

Michigan's assets for economic growth stand among the nation's best; Presidents offer full resources to jump start Michigan's economy: http://www.urcmich.org/economic/

The full report is available here:

Anderson Economic Group: Preliminary Report: The Economic Benefits of the University Research Corridor (May 2007): http://www.urcmich.org/economic/URC_PreliminaryReport_May24.pdf [PDF: 524 KB]

In their list of highlighted startup companies, over 30 are focused on biological, medical and life sciences topic -- around 3/4s of the complete list.

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