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November 08, 2007

Open Access 2.0 - An Article from The Scientist

There is a very interesting new article about the stresses and perils of trying to create an economically viable and sustainable publishing model along the lines of open access.

Esposito, Joseph J. Open Access 2.0, The nautilus: where - and how - OA will actually work. The Scientist 21(11):52+. http://www.the-scientist.com/2007/11/1/52/1/

"The fundamental tension in scholarly communications today is between the innermost spiral of the nautilus, where peers, narrowly defined, communicate directly with peers, and the outer spirals, which have been historically well-served by traditional means. Open-access advocates sit at the center and attempt to take their model beyond the peers. ... At the outer spirals sit the traditional publishers, who are attempting, with increasing success, to extend their reach into the inner spirals, preempting and co-opting open-access initiatives wherever they can. What remains unknown is at just what middle point the two models will meet."

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