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December 02, 2007

Second Life Brown Bags at Wolverine Island

The Health Science Libraries, in partnership with the schools of dentistry, medicine and public health (and with the gracious permission of our local SL landlord!), hopes to host a regular series of brown bag gatherings at Wolverine Island in Second Life on Fridays at noon. Persons attending will be able to join the meeting either or both inworld (in Second Life) or come to a previously announced real world location, where we will have people available to help persons who want to become more comfortable working in Second Life.

The first meeting will be the first Friday in December:

December 7, 2007
12 noon to 1pm

Real Life:
Meet in CAIDENT (School of Dentistry Basement
Second Life:
Meet at the campfire in the center of the Arb (NW corner of the island). [SLURL to teleport to the location]

Here is a map of Wolverine Island.

Second Life: Wolverine Island: Map

Here is an overhead view of the area around the campfire.

Second Life: Wolverine Island: The Arb

NOTE: If there is too large of a crowd for the campfire (right center of the image, under the largest tree), we will relocate to one of the nearby mini-auditorium spaces that show as round areas to either side of the trees.

Here is a picture of the campfire proper.

Second Life: Wolverine Island: Campfire

The purpose of the brown bags are partly to encourage sharing and skills building opportunities among our local Second Life community, and also to encourage and facilitate discussion of topics of interest to University of Michigan educators. This first meeting will be a chance to meet and greet and talk about possible concepts for future discussions. Some example discussion topics could include:

- Issues: Teaching with Voice in Second Life: Yes or No?
- Sharing Session: Find Great Freebies
- Lessons Learned: Tips and Tricks for Moving Your Class from Place to Place
- Skills Building: How do I change clothes fast and build a core collection of outfits?

Come with ideas, come to meet other UM folk, come to explore Wolverine Island. Open to all UM folk with Second Life avatars!

Posted by pfa at December 2, 2007 12:41 PM


Again, thank you, Patricia. I may not be part of Second Life, but it is still interesting to observe from here on earth below. :)anna

Posted by: schnitzr at December 9, 2007 05:21 AM

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