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March 28, 2008

Clustering Search Engine for Science - ScienceRoll!

Two hours ago, Bertalan Mesko (the main man for the famous science blog ScienceRoll) announced on Twitter that they were releasing a new search tool.

ScienceRoll Search Goes Live!

ScienceRoll Search: http://sciencerollsearch.com

Let me say, this is one really cool, really useful toy for anyone in health, medicine, life sciences, or research in these areas. To start with, it searches a lot of public health and medicine databases and web sites.

ScienceRoll Search Clustering Search Engine

Next, like any really good aggregator, it tells you which of the sources seemed to be the most productive for your topic. I searched "evidence-based" in this example below.

ScienceRoll Search Clustering Search Engine

Next, it uses semantic technologies (also known as "Web 3.0") to analyse and cluster the results by topic.

ScienceRoll Search Clustering Search Engine

This allows you to quickly focus your search, to scan and see what are the main themes or trends in the topic, and to learn more about the conceptual structure of the idea if it is new to you. Worth exploring. Spend some time with this one.

Posted by pfa at March 28, 2008 03:27 PM


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