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July 24, 2008

Open.Michigan for Academic Health

Last week there was a fascinating presentation about the Open.Michigan initiative and partnership among most of the various academic health programs of the University of Michigan. This presentation discussed some of the technical aspects behind the process as well as the intellectual property and collaboration issues. While the presentation itself was not recorded, the slides are available below.

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July 18, 2008

AJHG Electronic Access Restored

Electronic access to the 2008 issues of the American Journal of Human Genetics has been restored.

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July 17, 2008

Visit HSL at the Art Fair!!

The University of Michigan Health Sciences Libraries are at the Art Fair, too! We have a booth in the 300 block of East Liberty, on the South side of the street, kind of in front of Seva. Our tent is dark green, and we are providing candy, conversation, and basic information to the public about our libraries and selected quality consumer health information resources.

Stop by and say, "hi!"

Here is the tent.

UMHSL @ Art Fair

Here are some of our offerings.

UMHSL @ Art Fair

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July 15, 2008

MLA 2008: Let's Face It - Using Social Tech to Build Consumer Health Web Sites

Social technologies are useful not just for connecting with community, but very practically in hosting content to support developing and maintaining your own web sites. At MLA 2008, we gave a presentation about one way we've been doing this.

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Dentistry Collection @ Taubman

The Dentistry collection has now been moved out of the Dentistry Library and will soon be on the shelves at the Taubman Medical Library. Here's where we are in the process now.

Reserves are available, except for a small number of items for which we had only one copy (these are being scanned). Just ask for them by call number at the Circulation Desk.

Journals are in the stacks on the 5th floor. Because these titles are being integrated into the collection gradually (over the next month or so), some may be difficult to find, so ask for help at the Circ Desk. When dentistry journals have been integrated with the rest of the journal collection, you'll find them on the 5th and 6th floors, shelved alphabetically by title.

Books will be coming to Taubman in groups over the next month as they are scanned for the Google project. If you need a title urgently, please ask at the Circ Desk & we'll recall it for you.

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July 03, 2008

MLA 2008: HSL and PubViz: a novel Medline Exploration Engine

Bioinformaticians have been exploring a number of exciting new ways to interface with PubMed to make it more efficient and responsive to clinicians. At MLA 2008, Jean Song presented some of our collaborations with local researchers to examine and improve Medline.

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