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August 15, 2008

New Resource: AGS' Geriatrics Review Syllabus 6th Edition Online

The UM Health Sciences Libraries has started a new campus subscription to the online edition of the American Geriatrics Society's Geriatrics Review Syllabus: A Core Curriculum in Geriatric Medicine, Sixth Edition (GRS6).

The GRS6 contains the latest developments in geriatric medicine. It includes:

- 59 chapters covering the prevailing management strategies and recent findings in five broad areas of geriatric medicine
- Annotated references that allow the interested reader to pursue topics in greater depth
- An appendix with assessment instruments and practical resources 263 case-oriented multiple-choice questions with answers, critiques, and references, providing a self-assessment tool

Geriatrics Review Syllabus: http://www.geriatricsreviewsyllabus.org

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