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December 23, 2008

Autism & Health Care Twitter Day, Dec. 23 - Obama Wants to Know

December 16th there was a highly successful discussion and community building session held via Twitter (the social microblogging tool) on the topic of Autism. This conversation was so successful that the person designated to write an advisory report about autism for Obama's transition team has elected to use the same model for a discussion of what is important for President-Elect Obama and his team to know about autism.

Autism & Health Care Twitter Day, December 23, 2008

Here is their charge:

1. To discuss Autism and Health Care reform and draft a submission to the transition Health Policy Team.

2. To use a process to do this that in a way that respects and empowers attendees

3. To identify stories that exemplify the need for health care reform for the families dealing with Autism.

December 23, 2008, all day
Twitter -> you will need to have or create a Twitter account to participate.

You can observe the conversation without participating by tracking one of the following URLs.
Twemes: HHS: http://twemes.com/HHS (requires reload)
Twitter Search: HHS: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23HHS (will auto-update)

For more information, please check here:

Autism & Health Care Twitter Day, December 23, 2008
To get an idea of what last week's discussion looked like, please skim the following slides.

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