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January 07, 2009

Social Media Trends for Clinicians (via Ozmosis)

Have you seen Ozmosis?

Web 2.0: Ozmosis

Ozmosis: https://www.ozmosis.com/home

Ozmosis is regarded as one of the finest social networks for physicians. It has this reputation for a reason that I personally find a little frustrating, but which is also what gives it the real credibility -- you can't get in unless you are a physician. Not a therapist, not a nurse, not a dentist, not a pharmacist, not a medical librarian, not a doctorate type of doctor -- a physician. Luckily for those of us who can't get in, they do make some information available via their blog and the RSS feeds on their main page.

Their blog recently posted an interesting article about social media trends for clinicians -- what's hot, new, important.

Ozmosis: Social Media Trends to Watch for in 2009 (Jason Bhan, MD): https://www.ozmosis.com/Social_Media_Trends_for_2009

* The Evolution of Physician Collaboration.
* Recognition of rapid communication tools as a resource, not a distraction.
* Early steps in improving Provider/Industry interaction.
* Mobile, Mobile, Mobile.
* Consumer Trends in 2009
* Expansion and refinement of direct to consumer medical services with 'Real World' interpretations.
* Social Media meeting mainstream medicine.
* Patients and Providers - the 'Hip' connection.
* Physician Rating sites miss the mark.

The big ones focus on how social media actually makes your clinical work easier -- easier to find information, answers, connect with the folk you really need to connect with, to collaborate and consult, to communicate. Here are the main categories, but don't take my word for it -- go read the original. After all, this is a doctor who says so, right? Maybe there's something to it.

After all, what's most important to a busy clinician? Saving time without losing quality of care.

Web 2.0: Ozmosis (Physician Social Network)

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