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November 11, 2009

Finding Flushots

If you are connected with the University of Michigan as faculty, staff, student, or patient, the most helpful local information is this link from UMHS.

University of Michigan Health System: Influenza (Flu) Information: Flushots: http://www.med.umich.edu/flu/shots/index.htm

But what if you have a friend, colleague or relative who is not affiliated with UM? How do you help them find a flushot? The UMHS site refers you to the American Lung Association site, which is unfortunately not working at the moment. They refer you to Flu.gov, which is probably a better first stop anyway.

Flu.gov: http://www.flu.gov/
Flu.gov: Where You Live / Find a Flu Shot Near You: http://www.flu.gov/whereyoulive/index.html

Many folk have also heard about the Google FluTrends site.

Google FluTrends

I've heard a lot of people saying, Google made the FluTrends site, why can't they get their act together and give us the info we really need about what is going on with this flu? Where is it in my area? How fast is is spreading? How can I find a flushot? Well, Google folks are pretty smart, and while folks were complaining it wasn't here yet, they were already working on trying to get it out.

Google Flushots
Google: Flushots: www.google.com/flushot

How this works is that you enter your zipcode, and it returns locations within a roughly five mile radius. Unfortunately, in the immediate Ann Arbor area, there are no flushots available to the public at this time. Still, if that happens, think about your transportation options - where does the bus go? do you have access to a car? - then enter the zipcodes for those areas to see if there is something available in the surrounding areas.

For more information:

Google: Finding Flu Vaccine Information in One Easy Place: http://blog.google.org/2009/11/finding-flu-vaccine-information-in-one.html

Need to find zipcodes nearby? Try the browseable Zipcode Map.

Zipcode Boundary Map
Zipcode Boundary Map: http://maps.huge.info/zip.htm

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