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December 20, 2009

The Good Hospital Visitor

Do you have a friend or relative in the hospital? Have you ever wondered what would be the right thing to do - visit or not, bring a present or not, send flowers or not? Several of us in the library have recently been impressed to read "The Good Hospital Visitor" from Disabled World.

Disabled World: The Good Hospital Visitor: http://www.disabled-world.com/artman/publish/hospitalvisitors.shtml

Please, go read the whole article, but just to whet your interest, here are the brief high points.

1. Stay home if you are sick.
2. Wash your hands before and after.
3. Sanitize the bottom of your purse, bag and shoes after you leave the hospital.

1. Complaints.
2. Plants or flowers for ICU patients.
3. Questions.

1. Make sure there is someone there 24/7 to be a patient advocate.
2. Create a Care Team Notebook (read this part especially!)
3. Ask the patient if they have a durable power of attorney.

1. Obey posted hospital visitation policies.
2. Contact advocate and ask if it is ok to visit.
3. Avoid visits at shift change and procedure times.

1. Offer to assist nursing staff.
2. Give family members a break.
3. Learn "hospital speak".
4. Take care of yourself.
5. Manage your own stress.

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December 09, 2009

FDA Social Media Forum Videos: Thought Leaders & Opinions

The FDA had a Public Forum on November 12-13 to collect suggestions for their forthcoming social media and online presence guidelines. This playlist collects some of the presentations and interviews that surrounded this event and are available in YouTube. This is not the complete set of presentations available from the FDA, just those available in YouTube.

The FDA guidelines will very likely shape non-health guidelines for social media and may very well impact on health communications in broader spheres, especially that of information professionals, health advocates, and potentially the general public. Please see http://fdasm.com for more information on how you can contribute to the dialog.

FDASM Video Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/user/perplexitypeccable#g/c/C1A3ED9EF1F5BB8E


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