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June 25, 2007

Things #3 (yesterday) and #4 (today)

Yesterday I blogged delicious and today I'm blogging flickr. My MLibrary flickr account is at http://www.flickr.com/photos/janeblum/. I've uploaded one photo, but I don't know if anyone can see it yet.

I didn't realize that the uberfeed would pickup a long run of previous posts, so apologies for cluttering your readers with pre-program messages. I didn't want to create a new blog because I already had two blogs and two delicious accounts. (Now I have two flickr accounts as well.) Enough is enough.

Earlier this year there was a conversation among medical library bloggers about whether to have one blog, or separate personal and professional blogs. Some of my colleagues felt that work was just one part of who they were and that they wanted to share their outside interests and thoughts with colleagues and coworkers.

Others, including me, opted for two - not to keep secrets, but to make it easier on readers. The birders and gardeners and naturalists who read my personal blog shouldn't have to wade through thoughts on scholarly communication or the 13 things, and vice versa.

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