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February 25, 2008

Getting ready for MLA'08

As most of you know, I've been chairing the National Program Committee (NPC) for the upcoming Medical Library Association national meeting with my colleague, Lora Thompson of Dartmouth. It's hard to believe that we're now less than three months from the first session, as I've been living and breathing this event for more than two years. From the start of the first meeting, when we discovered that the NPC's ideas about the meeting meshed very closely with the theme and ideas of MLA's then president-elect Mark Funk, the entire committee has gone into the planning process with the idea that we wanted to try some new things at this meeting. Being more green, offering value to members who couldn't attend in person, harnessing social networking, and presenting the best, most dynamic content possible were foremost in our thinking. The meeting blog and MLA News have both shared information about content, events, and being green that represent results from some of our efforts in these areas.

MLA has just announced Web 2.0 101: Introduction to Second Generation Web Tools, a free online course for MLA members on using social networking tools. I like that this course bridges between the upcoming CE webcast in March and the closing plenary session and webcast in May, and that it's a cooperative effort between multiple units within MLA.

We'll have a few more announcements between now and the opening events on Saturday, May 17. I'm looking forward to watching the meeting continue to unfold, and look forward to seeing you in Chicago.

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February 21, 2008

Interesting development in the PHR

Official Google Blog: A pilot with the Cleveland Clinic for health information access

Cleveland Clinic partners with Google to extend patient access to medical records. A related question: will the library or librarians be involved in choosing links to health information, or will that be handled through Google autopilot? Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Google and use it all the time. That doesn't mean that I don't also see the need to insure quality health info rises to the top.

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February 12, 2008

New Blog on Emerging Technologies

My colleague Patricia Anderson has started a new blog to go with her new position, both titled Emerging Technologies Librarian. I'm sure it will be interesting as well as informative, and I look forward to reading her posts about new tools we can use in our work and education.

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February 06, 2008

For my colleagues who don't follow the medical librarianship blogosphere

davidrothman.net>> Blog Archive>> Google Books - Admitting Usefulness

Of course, we here at UM, having just celebrated the digitization of our 1,000,000TH book, do not suffer from the "anxiety/fear/loathing" that David references. :) However, I wonder if we are using MBooks and Google Books to their full potential, and if we are exploiting the practical (and perhaps life-saving) anecdotes of usefulness fully? Reading Dr Schwimmer's post which started this thread is interesting, both for the current uses of Google Books and for the thoughts on how this resources might develop in the future. Would an effective AI application raise the practical utility to an unprecedented level as he speculates? Regardless of whether you agree on that particular point, it's good to hear a non-librarian (physician) user say multiple times "there’s never been anything like this before."

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February 04, 2008

Copyright Humor

I love penguins (not exactly a news flash). So how could I resist this cartoon, A really long wait for a great song (Pengcognito), which not only features penguins but also gets snarky with the RIAA?

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