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December 22, 2006

Brilliant Collection coming to PHLI

Wondering what makes the Brilliant Collection brilliant? It's the collection of Dr. Larry Brilliant, UM SPH alum and former faculty, who is now the Executive Director of the Google Foundation. Our library will be making available materials from his days fighting the last case of smallpox on the planet. To learn more about his inspirational work, check out the article in the latest issue of the UM SPH Findings or watch the video of his wish for the world.

Happy Holidays!

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Medicine and Web 2.0 - New From the BMJ

Dean Giustini is well known as a blogger on medical libraries and search engines. Tomorrow's issue of BMJ includes an editorial by Dean about trends in medical information as impacted by the Web 2.0 interactive applications. An interesting essay and worth a quick read.

D. Giustini. "How Web 2.0 is changing medicine -- Is a medical wikipedia the next step?" BMJ 2006;333:1283-1284 (23 December):

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December 21, 2006

Upcoming Conference of interest

Slice of Life Conference 2007

*The 19th Slice of Life Conference*
*Using Technology in Health Science Education*
*June 26-27, 2007 Pre-Workshops---June 28-30, 2007 Main Meeting*
*University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah*
*Deadline for proposals and abstracts by January 8, 2007*

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Free online courses from the GMR NN/LM

The NN/LM GRM is offering FREE training courses on databases, reference, library Spanish, project management and other topics. See the page for instructions on how to register - remember that 10% of your job is professional development, so here's an opportunity to consider and to discuss with your supervisor.

Learn at Your Desktop: The Cornflower, Blog of the NN/LM-GMR

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December 20, 2006

Lunch get-together

We are planning a lunch time get together for January, probably to be held for two sessions. People who want to participate can attend one or both sessions.

This is just for fun but also has a charitable side to it. We are going to set up an assembly line to make fleece mittens for the Knit Wits project. You can read about the work they do at:

Pat Martin is taking names of interested participants. Stay tuned for dates.

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December 19, 2006

HSL Web Site: Questions for You

The HSL web project team (Patricia, Mark, Gillian, & Anna) would appreciate your feedback. The team has been looking at areas that seem to be represented on the web sites for all three individual libraries. The current discussion focuses on looking for topics or areas that might be consolidated on the main HSL web site. We would appreciate your feedback about whether there are functional reasons why the areas below might not be appropriate for consolidation, or if you have noticed other areas that might benefit from consolidation.

Areas for potential consolidation

1. Information about libraries:
- Location
- Contacts
- Hours
- Staff
- Services
- Classes

2. News items

3. Links to specific resources (many in common, some special to specific populations)

4. Guide/Tutorials

5. Links of interest

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And Speaking of Loving Libraries...

Am passing this link along from MEDLIB-L: http://www.wnyc.org/shows/shorts/episodes/2006/12/17
It tells about a recent NY Public Radio Show called "Loving Libraries."

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December 18, 2006

Speaking of YouTube

That's where I first saw this promo clip.

The "M" Word - Marketing Libraries: Newest commercial for the FCPL

Those of you particularly interesting in marketing the libraries might want to take a look at the rest of the blog as well.

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December 13, 2006

A(n) Historical Discovery

In a gift book entitled"The People's Common Sense Medical Advisor in Plain English," our Anne discovered a loose, folded intake application for a medical examination, a History & Physical form, published in the late 1880's. I posted a copy on the bulletin board on 4 if you are interested in looking at it. It has a section for "Ladies" and a section for "Gentlemen," covering a multitude of personal physical details. (I assume that this book is sort of a 19th century equivalent of current versions of "Medical Care from A-Z" or "Medical Care for Dummies" and similar titles.) Anne has sent the book out for some repairs because the cover is not in the best possible shape. This is the Mirlyn record:
Pierce, R. V. (Ray Vaughn), b. 1840.:
The people's common sense medical advisor in plain English :or, Medicine simplified /by R.V. Pierce..
Buffalo, N.Y. : World's Dispensary Printing Office and Bindery, 1888, c1886..
1008 p. : ill. (some col.), map, port., plates ; 21 cm..

Owning Location Taubman Medical | RC 81 .P261 1888

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December 12, 2006

We were part of this!

Information Today, Inc. Blog: Ovid Adds Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Journals

Carla (pictured) expressed her thanks and appreciation for our quick turn around time! Kudos to all who helped in the effort.

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Quoting our own Patricia Anderson:

Doctors, patients just don't click over Googling | Chicago Tribune

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December 08, 2006

It's important to laugh at yourself

Creating Passionate Users: The Asymptotic Twitter Curve

There are several reasons I'm posting this.

One, I love the graphic, so I'm sharing a little of my sense of (and enjoyment of) the absurd with you.

Two, It takes our blogging, communicating, Web2.0, Library2.0 focus to the extreme, and makes it laughable. And if you aren't willing to laugh at yourself, you're in trouble.

Three, I just discovered this blog "Creating Passionate Users." And I really like it. It's not a library blog, here's a little bit about it. It seems to me that "Creating Passionate Users" is exactly what we, as a library, are about, and in doing that, we need to explore thoughts and ideas from other fields.

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December 07, 2006

The Stadium and the people with disabilities

Yesterday, at our monthly meeting of the Council for Disability Concerns, we discussed the renovated Stadium vis-a-vis people with special needs. (You may have read in the newspapers that there is considerable controversy about this topic and that a lawsuit by the Disabled Vets is possibly being considered.) A representative from the Athletics Department and three UM lawyers were present at the meeting (one being our very own Council Chair, Jack Bernard). The discussion was lively yet extremely civil and quite productive. Various suggestions were proferred, e.g., flexible temporary seating that could be removed if more wheelchair users were present at the games. There was also a discussion of ease of finding accessible restrooms. We discovered that handrails will be added in sections where they are needed (the ends of some seats need to be removed to make room for them), and the meeting concluded on a positive note, I am happy to report.

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December 06, 2006

For food and wine'ys

Just for fun, I thought you bloggers would enjoy looking at my Paul & Helen's blog at http://winewall.blogspot.com/. Paul's our CIA chef, teaches in a culinary program, and writes restaurant reviews (lower right corner of blog) & a novel in progress. Helen's a lawyer clerking for a judge and actually does most of the writing for the blog. They are both earning money after years of school so able to eat out more. They're working their way through every restaurant in Pike Place Market. It warms my heart!

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What makes a community?

Here's what's poking at my brain this morning - a couple of blog posts I stumbled across last night that talk about different aspects of building community. While the posts are focused on blogging and newsgroups, I think the ideas are more generally applicable.

Creating Passionate Users

Thinking Like A Blogger: Is Blogging An Attitude That Can Be Taught?

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December 05, 2006

Managing generational differences at work

Several of us attended a workshop today called Managing Generational Differences at Work. I don't know about the others who attended, but I found some of the information very helpful. Especially interesting is a chart comparing 3 generations with regard to such things as work ethic, attitude toward authority, management style preferred, etc. I have an extra copy of the slides and can route it around if people are interested.

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Bibliophiles, take note

Are reports of the death of the printed book premature?

Books - Forbes.com

Thanks to Peter Suber's Open Access News Blog for highlighting this feature.

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December 04, 2006

Google and SearchMash - Kissing Cousins or Squabbling Sibs?

Rumor has it that Google has released a new search engine based on the Google database, but using a different search algorithm and ranking. The new searchengine is named SearchMash, which I interpret to be a reference to mashups.

For myself, at the top level, I see only slight differences in the rankings and retrieval. I notice more differences in the display and "features". SearchMash seems to be more a place to see what Google might be doing in the future. Definitely not a full-featured search engine, but as a testbed for new ideas, hopefully a place to watch.

I tried a number of searches in both for comparison. Here is one, just for your amusement.

Google: (inurl:library OR inurl:lib) aids hiv site:.edu

SearchMash: (inurl:library OR inurl:lib) aids hiv site:.edu

So, different? Perhaps not a great deal. Flavor of the day seems to be that Google is beginning to offer some of the custom limits as checkboxes, like A9 used to do. A nice touch, especially if they take it farther. Meanwhile, SearchMas doesn't seem like either a kissing cousin or a squabbling sib, but more along the lines of a baby who gets left behind by the big kids, but every now and then does something absolutely amazing that the big kids couldn't.

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December 01, 2006

This might be of interest to you or to some of our patrons

AIDS Posters - UCLA Digital Library

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Organizational structure

Check out this post on the ALA TechSource Blog The Hyperlinked Organization: Radical Transparency, Crummy Meetings & Micromanagement. My favorite comment about organizations is this paragraph:

Micromanagent Has No Place in a Hyperlinked Organization
To the librarian I once overheard saying, "It is my personal duty to make sure we have no typos on anything!" I must say: Don't miss the forest for the trees, Dear Lady. Typos can be corrected, especially online, and focusing too much on those little details may lead to missing the big picture. You're the one that staff may be e-mailing about, while they wait to launch the new wiki, you are still proofing the proposal for the wiki! A nimble organization can move quickly if not mired in proofing, re-proofing, and proofing one more time a policy change, FAQ, or other document.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on the following:

What's the best strategy for shifting our organizational focus to the big picture?

How can we become a more nimble, responsive organization?

How do we empower staff at the point of work with more decisionmaking authority and autonomy about that work?

Comment here, or come to office hours on Monday to talk!

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