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October 17, 2007

Of interest from MLA Chapter meeting

Utah Collaborative Medical Home Project - Poster

As stated by the American Academy of Pediatrics, "every child deserves a medical home" This portal is an interesting model of multidisciplinary information and resources for health care, in this case targeted to children with special needs. Take a look and see if they're aren't best practices and ideas we could use in our community outreach or liaison activities with Family Med or Peds.

Innovations in Medical Education Video Library

"The IME Video Library is a collection of health science presentations available to students, faculty, community preceptors, public health organizations, and health consumers. Major educational presentations will be captured (recorded digitally) and placed on this site along with links of interest to the topics discussed." Grant funded, with the biomedical library a major partner with the school of medicine and public health. It does not include class lectures; those are handled separately.

Page Author

Ed Holtum at U Iowa is using this inexpensive software to create an online display of historical books, similar to the NLM's "Turning the Pages." I have a copy of his handout, and chatted with him at the meeting. I think this could well be useful for publicizing our historical materials and perhaps for some of the initiatives we are considering for SecondLife.

I also picked up a handout from the MCMLA Research Committee which is available on the committee's website. That same web page has other good resources on conducting and reporting library-related research.

I'll be posting a couple more things over the next few days. In the meantime, I'd very much like to hear what others found of interest at the meeting.

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