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June 29, 2008

PubMed News from NLM Technical Bulletin May-June 2008


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June 27, 2008

David Rothman on PubMed controversy


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June 20, 2008

LibGig--new social networking site for librarians

Social-Networking Site for Librarians Debuts

A new social-networking site (http://libgig.com) for librarians and those who manage information was started this month by Library Associates Companies, a recruiting and consulting company. Called LibGig, the site includes job listings, a list of library schools accredited by the American Library Association, blogs, and profiles of community leaders.

Among the LibGig bloggers are Tawny Sverdlin, a library student at San Jose State University, and Chris Zammarelli, a graduate student at the University of Maryland’s College of Information Studies. —Andrea L. Foster

Chronicle's Wired Campus 6/20/08

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June 16, 2008

Why Do Lectures Have to Be One Hour?

Technology shrinks the lecture. The traditional class period lasts about an hour, so many professors design their lectures to be that long, too. But professors who record their lectures for the Web find that students prefer short segments to class-length talks. A free article in this week’s Chronicle describes how some professors are experimenting with short-form lectures in their classrooms as well as online. But some long-time professors worry that cutting up lectures into short pieces will lead to oversimplification.


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June 09, 2008

Twitter for Outreach? (from Wired Campus-Chronicle)

June 9, 2008

Twitter Ideas for Libraries

The Web site College@Home has put together a nice list of ideas for libraries interested in using the instant-blogging service Twitter.

The list includes ways to keep in touch with colleagues and share reference information, as well as some Twitter-related guides from around the Web.

We’ve written in the past about ideas for using Twitter in the classroom or for security alerts. What are other innovative ways academic libraries are using instant-blogging services? —Catherine Rampell

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Our Library Outreach and Library Technology departments started using Twitter over a month ago.

Library Outreach (Twitter: LibraryOutreach) is using it for, of all things, outreach. Events, tours, Library news and other interests are being posted too. The Library IT department (Twitter Library_tech) keeps patrons and staff notified of Library technology news, updates and issues- more specifically when certain network services are not available.

Both the Library Outreach and Library IT have Twitter have either widgets or scrubbers on their Library webpage linking back to Twitter, and links from Twitter linking back to the Library.

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June 05, 2008

WiFi in Libraries Blamed for Health Maladies in Paris

June 4, 2008

WiFi in Libraries Blamed for Health Maladies in Paris

To many people, the idea that wireless networks cause health problems seems wacky.

But four libraries in Paris have switched off their wireless connections after staff members complained that electromagnetic radiation from the networks was the source of their health problems, according to an article today in the newspaper, The Connexion.

The article states that the latest library to turn off the service is at Sainte-Geneviève University. The action was taken after a staff member threatened to take early retirement on health grounds. He said his symptoms included “headaches, balance problems, general weakness, stress and sight problems.” But he also blamed electromagnetic radiation from cell phones for his maladies.

College employees in North America, too, have raised health concerns about wireless networks. A library director at Southwestern College, in Santa Fe, N.M., left her job last year, saying the wireless network played a role in her insomnia. And two years ago the president of Lakehead University, in Ontario, prohibited his institution from deploying a wireless network across campus citing concerns about students’ health.

Despite these worries, the Centers for Disease Control says scientific research does not indicate “a significant association between cell phone use and health effects.” Cell phones also emit electromagnetic radiation. But an article in Tuesday’s New York Times points out that three prominent neurosurgeons do not hold cell phones to their ears in order to reduce their brains’ exposure to radiation.—Andrea L. Foster
Chronicle's Wired June 4, 2008

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June 03, 2008

Librarian in the Closet

June 3, 2008

Stephanie Willen Brown has come out of the closet to report that she has spent a semester in the closet. The University of Connecticut librarian says she was holding office hours.

Ms. Brown says she wondered what would happen if a librarian held office hours outside of the library. Would she be more visible? So she got a converted janitor’s closet in an academic building near the library, hung a sign with her name on the door, and spent one hour a week there. During that time, she says, she saw eight people. But “unofficially, the stats are much higher: I ran into people in the hallway, bathroom, and going in & out of the building,” she reports. And she was able to hand out reference advice.

It was a success, she says, if one considers the “PR value” of being seen in the building on a regular basis. Next semester, if she holds office hours again, she expects more business, closeted with students and faculty. And she wonders: do other librarians hold office hours? —Josh Fischman
Chronicle--Wired Campus, June 3, 2008

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