April 24, 2008

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The slides from today's Infopoint meeting are now online.

If you want more resources beyond those listed in the slides, feel free to explore these two link collections.



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January 31, 2007

Key Concepts of Intentional System Change

Roland Loup, an international consultant specializing in strategy development and implementation and change leadership, introduced a framework for thinking through systems change project. His goal was to build awareness and to help clarify the desired results and provide new ways to attain them. Mr. Loup actually gives an entire 9-month course on this topic, and he travels to India, Japan, South Africa, etc. to provide his consulting services to businesses. His four major strategies are: Engaging stakeholders, building commitment, transforming resistance, and sustaining change. Mr. Loup also used real-life situations to illustrate his points. He emphasized that change brings uncertainty and requires patience, that competence comes into question with change, and that there is no "right way" to effect change, yet change is always an integral part of life. He explained the difference between a true leader and a micromanager, stating that a true leader knows the balance between vision and taking care of details. He also stated that change takes courage. Since people are such an essential part of any organization (technology is easy--people are hard), a culture change must also occur. He remarked that the culture of academe is more of a "coddling" culture than that of the private sector, as well as being more participatory.

Denise Stegall then provided the audience (of about 35 members of VOICES of the Staff) with the details on the consolidation of three campus daycare programs into one. This was a complicated project because it involved 3 directors, numerous teachers, parents, children, and early childhood researchers. At first there was hostility and confusion among the various stakeholders, but, gradually, through structured participation, transitioning was effected and a new, better childcare center will be achieved, the actual building of which will take another three years.

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. It more than met my expectations, and I had quite a few "aha!" moments. My only regret is that more of us could not participate in this event and hear these fine speakers.

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December 21, 2006

Free online courses from the GMR NN/LM

The NN/LM GRM is offering FREE training courses on databases, reference, library Spanish, project management and other topics. See the page for instructions on how to register - remember that 10% of your job is professional development, so here's an opportunity to consider and to discuss with your supervisor.

Learn at Your Desktop: The Cornflower, Blog of the NN/LM-GMR

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October 24, 2006

Blog Inservice

HSL Staff Inservice: Participate in the HSL Staff Blog
Led by Scott Martin on November 8 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Additional details will be coming soon…

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Welcome to the HSL Staff Blog

Suggested topics for the HSL Staff Blog include, but are not limited to:
• All Staff Meetings
• Coordinator Updates
• Inservices and Training
• Activities and Events
• Kudos
• Around Town (SE Michigan)
• Humor

All staff members may respond to a posting with comments. All staff members are also encouraged to create new postings, although you first will need to do two things: 1) create an mBlog account (http://mblog.lib.umich.edu/) and 2) let Gillian (gmayman@umich.edu) know so that she can add you to the list of HSL Staff Blog authors.

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