May 24, 2007

You'll see a familiar face in this article's photograph

Staff convene to celebrate two years of VOICES

We've all enjoyed Anna's reports from and about Voices, and she's certainly an appropriate member to illustrate participation in the program!

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February 13, 2007

UM can be proud to be a leader in this effort

The Chronicle: Daily news: 02/13/2007 -- 02: Project Urges More Medical Schools to Ban the Acceptance of Gifts From Drug Industry

UM's policy is explained in this press release, and I have seen it cited in articles as one of the first such in the country.

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February 06, 2007

A hit in the blogoshpere

University of Michigan | University Library | Usability Studies is being linked to all over the place. I'm seeing it in, a of variety blogs, and in lists of websites. HSL's Preet Rana is one of the team members, contributing not just to UM but to libraries in general.

Check out the pages, linked above.

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December 12, 2006

We were part of this!

Information Today, Inc. Blog: Ovid Adds Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Journals

Carla (pictured) expressed her thanks and appreciation for our quick turn around time! Kudos to all who helped in the effort.

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Quoting our own Patricia Anderson:

Doctors, patients just don't click over Googling | Chicago Tribune

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November 12, 2006

Feedback on ErgoPod

This afternoon, at Dance Marathon's Pediatric Ability Event, I ran into the visually impaired individual who has been using the ErgoPod on Friday, a week ago (I was not present at the time). She made a point of telling me that she was extremely enthusiastic about the able assistance she had received while using the ErgoPod at Taubman and afterwards. One librarian had assisted her in adjusting some of the ErgoPod computer elements, and another staff member accompanied her to a private room (Group Study Room?) where she could listen to her speaking machine without the noise interrrupting others. Anyhow, she extended her appreciation to all who helped her, and she promised to return to use the Ergopod whenever she could.

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