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February 21, 2011

Social Media may fail if percieved as a non-credit burden

Active learning, especially social media enabled active learning warrants credit. Logan Rath's The Effects of Twitter in an Online Learning Environment article underscores this important point.

There is a temptation to insert social media without mulling over the life-cycle of eLearning components: planning, design, deployment and evaluation. If there is no feedback or concrete rubric for grading social media participation, students will naturally gravitate away from using those components. Its true not just for social media, but non-social elements, like discussion boards.

So how to assign value and assess twitter participation? One can take clues from assessment frameworks for discussion boards and translate them into grading twitter participation. One such framework is Susan Levine's framework for graduate level instruction (2002). (See p 353 of Theory of The Theory and Practice of Online Learning, second edition)

upside down dead twitter bird
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