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January 15, 2013

Beware of Gold-plating & Insanities Beyond

Goldplating in Project Management: When talking to stakeholders, if one changes scope and accommodates deliverables without a business case it is known as gold plating. Happens when

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the stakeholder is a higher up trying to push a pet project. But what happens when you walk away from a stakeholder meeting and your colleague just committed to adding a whole new project to your plate? I don't think the project management world has seen that coming. I think it can be termed as "insane appeasement".

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January 14, 2013

Classroom Response Systems, My Story

Responding to a linkedin thread about CRS, virtual and hardware, I found myself introspecting on the nature of the beast...

In conferences, spontaneous situations, I have seen polleverywhere being used very effectively for polling. Excellent choice when the shelf life of your content is short.

But choosing a virtual system over hardware solutions deserves a serious consideration. I will share my experience integrating both kinds of Classroom Response Systems, hardware and software. Both need extensive prep work for the instructor, which is not an issue when your content is reused with small changes.

Hardware systems like i>Clicker have a distinct cost and support component to them. I remember lugging two suitcases of remotes, making sure the USB drivers are installed on the instructor computer. Not recommended unless you train in the same location and have no security concerns.

While the reps were making a killing selling clickers on our campus, a disruption happened. A faculty in engineering created an effective and free product that integrates deeply with powerpoint, reporting - the works. He has launched a successful startup offering his baby as an industry standard tool: LectureTools. I integrated it about a year ago for a large course. No more work than physical clicker prep, but way less vulnerable.

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