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February 14, 2006

Syndicate this Site

You've probably seen the links all over the web for Syndicate this Site, or the orange and white RSS buttons. But what does it mean? Using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows readers of blogs and other sites to subscribe to content.

An RSS reader is needed to manage and read the content from the subscribed sites. RSS readers link to a special URL that allows the reader to know when content has been updated. These links are also referred to as 'feeds'.

RSS readers can be web based, such as Bloglines or installed on your computer. Yahoo! provides a list of popluar RSS readers. Everytime a new item is posted to a blog or site that supports RSS, a notice is sent to the subscibers. The next time the RSS reader is opened, the new information from subscribed sites will be displayed.

Why should you care? RSS can make your life easier. If you routinely visit several sites to read news and find information, an RSS reader can simplify the process for you. You will have one place to visit to get all of your news. Plus if you use a web-based RSS reader, you will always be able to access your subscriptions.

To subscribe to the Kresge In Spotlight blog, open your RSS reader and add the In the Spotlight feed URL accepted by your reader:

  • RSS 1.0
  • RSS 2.0
  • Atom
All new content that is posted to this site will be picked up by your RSS reader.

To find other sites that offer RSS feeds, visit Feedster, a search engine for RSS feeds.


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