Kresge Library News: New Books at the Library

June 29, 2006

New Books at the Library

Here are a few of the titles that have recently been added to the library's collection. Come in and check them out!

--Outsourcing: A Guide To Selecting The Correct Business Unit Negotiating The Contract Maintaining Control Of The Process Call Number: HD 2365 B73 2006--Unlike some other books this title covers many areas from outsourcing accounting, logistics, human resources to maintenance and janitorial functions.

--Tourism Ethics--Call Number: G155 A1 F373--In the recent past we have had MAP projects on ecotourism. This book aims to stimulate thinking re: the ethical and other impacts of tourism on a society. At the end of the book is a section entitled: CASE STUDY ANALYSES. Among topics treated: Sex Tourism; Ecotourism; and Cruise Line Tourism.

--The Coffee Paradox: Global Markets, Commodity Trade And The Elusive Promise Of Development--Call Number: HD 9199 A2 D 385-- This book may be of interest to teams working with non-profits as it discusses the impact a commodity can have for good or bad on small regional farmers.

--Irresistible! Markets, Models, And Meta-Value In Consumer Electronics--Call number: HD 9696 A2 I77 2005--A collection of essays with some interesting chapters covering tele-health and online gaming.

--Speaking of online gaming! We just received an interesting book entitled: Synthetic Worlds: the business and culture of online games! Call Number: GV 1469.15 c394 2005

--The Wal-Mart Effect: How The World's Most Powerful Company Really Works--And How It's Transforming The American Economy--Call Number: HF 5429.215 .U6 W22 F54--The title speaks for itself on this one.

--Crisis Management By Apology:Corporate Response To Allegations Of Wrongdoing--Call Number: HD 59.2 H43--Given the recent recall on contact lens solution this timely book explores the role of corporate apology as a strategy in the face of public attack.

--As China is still hot. Of course we have new titles! Business And Management Education In China -- Call Number: HF1171.C5 B87 2005 and Developing Business Ethics In China -- Call Number HF5387.5.C6 I58 2002.

--We occasionally get requests for books on conducting surveys. One of the new titles may be helpful in this area. Getting Action From Organizational Surveys: New Concepts, Technologies And Applications -- Call Number: HF5549.5.A83 G48 2006. This is a collection of chapters by various authors dealing with all different types of surveys. Includes a chapter by RSB's very own Bob Quinn!


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