Kresge Library News: August 2006 Archives

August 11, 2006

Ross Working Papers Archive Collection

The Ross School of Business - Working Papers Series archive collection is now available via Deep Blue. The archive contains electronic versions of working papers by faculty of the Michigan Business School and Ross School of Business from 1969 through the present. Previously the working papers series was stored in two different databases. Now all of the papers are stored in a single location, making search and retrieval easier and more efficient. The collection is searchable by title, author and keyword.

The Working Papers Series Archive is housed at Deep Blue, the University Library's digital repository. All items deposited in this collection are given a permanent URL which will never change, providing stability for linking to or citing a particular paper. In addition, papers housed in Deep Blue are easier to find (they are indexed by Google Scholar, for example) and cite.

Access to this collection is available from the Kresge Library's Working Papers page or at the The Ross School of Business - Working Papers Series archive page at Deep Blue.

August 09, 2006

New Database - 10-K Wizard

This database streamlines SEC EDGAR research with easy searching, downloading and printing of SEC filing data. Content includes financial agreements, financial data, directors and executives, insider transactions, and the latest in SEC news. 10-K Wizard provides access to real-time SEC EDGAR filings, EDGAR archives through 1994, PRE-EDGAR Historical Index of all SEC filings to 1966, and regulatory documentation. Enhanced download capabilities allow you to obtain up to 700 filings in a single download.

10-K Wizard is available from the Library's A-Z Database page or you can access 10-K Wizard now.