Kresge Library News: Browsing for Business Brilliance

November 06, 2006

Browsing for Business Brilliance

As you stroll by Kresge Library, you pass the Browsing Shelves in the display window practically everyday. Did you know that the shelves facing the windows hold titles from your very own Ross Business School professors? Next time you're in the library, stop by those shelves and pick up a couple books to flip through.

From--Building the Bridge as You Walk on It, by Ross Business School Professor Robert E. Quinn:

"Questions for Reflection:
_I am confident and secure.
_I launch many informal experiments.
_I cherish bad news as well as good news.
_I make it possible for people to tell me the truth.
_Failure is my friend.
_When I close my integrity gaps, I experience increased creativity."
(p. 156.)

From--The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, by Ross Business School Professor C.K. Prahalad,

"This book is the result of a long and lonely journey for me. It started during the Christmas vacation of 1995. During that period of celebration and good cheer, one issue kept nagging me: What are we doing about the poorest people around the world? Why is it that with all our technology, managerial know how, and investment capacity, we are unable to make even a minor contribution to the problem of pervasive global poverty and disenfranchisement? Why can't we create inclusive capitalism?...It became clear that finding a solution to the problems of those at the bottom of the economic pyramid around the world should be an integral part of my next intellectual journey."
(Preface, p. xi)


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