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November 28, 2006

More Brilliance from the Browsing Book Collection

Do Those Dove Ads Really Make "Real Women" Feel Better?

"No One Looks That Good in Real Life!" by Wood, Solomon, and Enlis addresses a controversial issue in a matter of advertising effects. For the past 30 years, the presumed negative impact of beautiful female images on women's self-esteem has been a concern of feminists and others, such as mental health professionals. This essay first reviews the studies that try to quantify and demonstrate these effects. As with the literature on sex appeals, the results are at best, inconclusive. (Using the "real-woman simulated" modeling technology of the Land's End Catalog web site)...the findings of Wood et. al. are provocative....

For more on this study, pick up: Persuasive Imagery: A Consumer Response Study, edited by Linda M. Scott and Rajeev Batra

Should I Look at Company Insiders for Stock Picking Strategies?

"Top executives in small firms can predict the direction of future stock price movements rather well...For instance, insider's purchases are more profitable than insider's sales...Similarly higher volume of trade indicates higher quality of insider information for all three classes of officers and directors. Third, insider trading in small firms is most profitable, holding trading volume and class of insiders constant....In general regardless of what else is going on, top executives have the best information."

From Investment Intelligence From Insider Trading by H. Nejat Seyhun

Bloomberg, a database in Kresge Library gives information on Insider Trading. Ask a Librarian for details, or email Also, FactSet, a database in the Tozzi Financial Center details Insider Trades. Ask Manager Kai Petainen for details or email

November 22, 2006

Thinking about...Video Games

With the recent release of the Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii, and the ensuing campouts for one of the new game consoles, it got me thinking about what resources one might seek to explore more about this multi-billion dollar industry. At Kresge Library, we have a large number of market reports and news information that can show exactly what people spend on video game systems.

Marketing Reports

The Library has many resources that have information on Marketing.

Develop a search strategy that reflects the scope of the industry. While you can search each of these databases for "video games" or "video game console systems," you might also be served looking in other directions

Mintel Reports offers a number of reports that help explain this market.
Not only do they include reports specifically looking at the video game market (Video Game Consoles and Games - US - August 2004 & Video Game Console Systems - US - July 2006), but some general reports that look at the role of electronics in the young adult market (Attitudes of Young Adults Towards Consumer Electronics - US - October 2005).

With, the most valuable reports focus on the youth market. Over 270 items come up with a search of Video Games. But be careful, some of the best matches (from a keyword point of view) are older reports. If you see a reference to Nintendo 64...its time to get another report.

GMID (Global Market Information Database) has great reports from Euromonitor on many subjects. To get to reports on video games, or any topic, click on keyword search on the top menu. You can search video games. (A little hint with this database - if you get no hits, take a word out of the search strategy. This will cast out a wider net and catch more reports). The keyword search results will show statistics first and then the reports. To see the report (say Video Games – USA), click on the second button on the upper right (Click to view whole report) and then the PDF icon to make it easy to print.

Company and Industry Resources

The Library has many resources that have information on Company and Industry Resources.

While the video games might seem all consuming to many people out there, it represents just a portion of the big companies that produce or sell these items. Still, by looking at those reports, you will get a great feel for what the market really is. Databases such as Business and Company Research Center, OneSource, Standard and Poors Net Advantage, MarketLine Business Information Center, and others offer great resources for learning more about the people who are closely tied with the video game market.

Among the manufacturers, use these databases to learn more about Playstation 3’s Sony (Ticker: SNE), Xbox 360’s Microsoft (Ticker: MSFT) or Gamecube’s Nintendo. Among companies that create the games, you can search for Take-Two Interactive Software (Ticker TTWO), the fine people who bring us family games such as Grand Theft Auto , Activision (Ticker: ATVI) who create game tie-ins for Tony Hawk and Dreamworks. You would also be served to explore the companies that sell thousands of these units and millions of the games every year. They include: Best Buy (Ticker: BBY), Circuit City (Ticker: CC), Wal-Mart (Ticker: WMT), Gamestop (Ticker: GME) and CompUSA (privately held) just to name a few. Look at all the information on these companies, especially analyst reports, to get a sense on how the fluctuations of the video games market effects their bottom line.

Article Databases
You can also search for news articles from resources such as ABI/Inform, Business Source Complete (EBSCO) and Factiva from the Electronic Journals page.

When searching the databases, remember that sometimes you need to change your terms to make searches more successful. Many reports and articles will be found by searching for generic terms such as video games vs. the individual game systems. Finally, remember that these databases are changing every day. As vendors face shortages or gluts of their products, you will be able to use these resources to get a sense of what is going on.

Library Hours For Thanksgiving Weekend

Just a reminder, we will have reduced hours over Thanksgiving Weekend.

Wednesday November 22: 7:30 to 5:00pm (reference services 11-5)
Thursday November 23: CLOSED (Thanksgiving)
Friday November 24: Noon to 5pm
Saturday November 25: Noon to 5pm
Sunday November 26: 10am to Midnight (regular hours resume)

See the full library calendar and hours.

November 17, 2006

Kresge Library is now participating in MeLCat (Michigan Statewide Catalog and Requesting Service)

The Kresge Library is proud to announce our participation in the MeLCat statewide catalog and requesting service.

What is MeLCat?

MeLCat is a statewide catalog and resource sharing project that allows materials to be shared among all types of libraries in Michigan. These materials include books, CDs, DVDs, scores, manuscripts, etc., on a wide range of subjects. MeLCat currently has over 130 participating libraries (not all libraries in Michigan participate). In a nutshell, you now have access to literally millions of items beyond the Kresge Library's walls! With over 19 million items and growing, MeLCat strives to meet your professional, scholarly, and leisure reading material needs.

What are the benefits of MeLCat for Kresge Library patrons?

- One-stop shopping to find materials owned by all types of libraries statewide
- Request materials online from other participating libraries
- Pick up materials from other libraries at Kresge
- Check the status of your request online

MeLCat can help in the following situations (amongst many others):

- Kresge Library does not have the particular book you are looking for. Use MeLCat to find out who does have it, and request it online.

- Kresge Library has the book you need, but it is checked out. Use MeLCat to find out who else has it, and request it online.

- You are working on a MAP project and another library in the state has materials on your topic. Request them online through MeLCat!

- You'd love to check out a cookbook to help with your party planning, but the Kresge Library doesn't have any cookbooks. Check MeLCat to see who does, and request them online.

How does it work?

In the Kresge Library Catalog, there's a new button that reads "Search MeLCat". If you click this button, you can see what is available across the state (at academic and public libraries such as Michigan State, Wayne State, Library of Michigan, Ann Arbor District Library, etc.) To request items from MeLCat, you will need to select "University of MI business" as the library and provide the 14-digit barcode on your MCard.

Have questions?

If you’re uncertain whether you’ve established borrowing privileges with the Kresge Library, have questions or comments about the MeLCat service, or experience any problems requesting items through MeLCat, please feel free to stop by the Library or write to


Kresge Library Catalog:

Melcat Catalog

Participating Libraries

MeLCat FAQ (in Find.It.Fast!)

November 13, 2006

Plunkett Research Database Trial

From now until the end of November, you can try out Plunkett Research at

Plunkett Research provides industry sector analysis and research, industry trends and industry statistics. Kresge Library has a small number of Plunkett research reports in print and electronically through NetLibrary. The industries covered by the online version of the database are available on the front page when you log in. (On a related note, this resource seems to mirror industry reports from IBISWorld).

Let us know what you think! Enter your comments here by November 30th.

Reminder:Kresge Library Database Sessions TODAY

Reminder: These Kresge Library Database Sessions are open to All Ross
Business School Students. No registration is required!

Think you know PROQUEST (ABI)?

-Do you know how to get articles sent to you from Sloane
Management Journal (for example)?

-Can you search by the SIC code for the Trucking Industry?

-Do you know how to use "operators" to tighten your search so
that you get 50 relevant articles instead of 500 irrelevant

"Power User: ABI/Inform Global (PROQUEST)":

Monday, November 13
2:10-2:40pm (only a 1/2 hour!)
Room K4354 (4th floor of Kresge Library, toward the back)

The HANDOUT will be available on the Kresge Library
Instruction page next week.


"Jumpstart Your Job Search:"

Use Kresge Library resources such as CareerSearch,, Vault, Hoover's, Factiva and others to kickstart
or augment your job search. Useful for off-campus job
searches. OCD will be there and will answer your questions as

Monday, November 13
Room K4354 (4th Floor Kresge Library)

The HANDOUT is available here on the Kresge Library
Instruction page.

November 09, 2006

Factiva Downtime for Maintenance

Factiva has scheduled maintenance between Saturday, 11-November and Sunday, 12-November 2006.

Access to the (all components, including): Factiva Search 2.0, Factiva Modules, Track Folders, E-Mail will be unavailable from:

8PM to 10PM November 11

Access will be intermittent following the downtime from approximately 10PM November 11 - 2AM November 12.

November 06, 2006

Browsing for Business Brilliance

As you stroll by Kresge Library, you pass the Browsing Shelves in the display window practically everyday. Did you know that the shelves facing the windows hold titles from your very own Ross Business School professors? Next time you're in the library, stop by those shelves and pick up a couple books to flip through.

From--Building the Bridge as You Walk on It, by Ross Business School Professor Robert E. Quinn:

"Questions for Reflection:
_I am confident and secure.
_I launch many informal experiments.
_I cherish bad news as well as good news.
_I make it possible for people to tell me the truth.
_Failure is my friend.
_When I close my integrity gaps, I experience increased creativity."
(p. 156.)

From--The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, by Ross Business School Professor C.K. Prahalad,

"This book is the result of a long and lonely journey for me. It started during the Christmas vacation of 1995. During that period of celebration and good cheer, one issue kept nagging me: What are we doing about the poorest people around the world? Why is it that with all our technology, managerial know how, and investment capacity, we are unable to make even a minor contribution to the problem of pervasive global poverty and disenfranchisement? Why can't we create inclusive capitalism?...It became clear that finding a solution to the problems of those at the bottom of the economic pyramid around the world should be an integral part of my next intellectual journey."
(Preface, p. xi)

November 02, 2006

"Kresge Library Marketing Research Databases"

Reminder: This class is TOMORROW, Friday November 3rd!
It's open to all business school students, no registration required!

"Kresge Library Marketing Research Databases"
Friday November 3
Rooom K4354

Databases include MINTEL, Business and Company Resource
Center, Frost & Sullivan and more. It's basically an overview of Kresge's marketing research resources,including print and electronic. We'll talk about finding market share, consumer info., market research reports and more.

The Marketing Research session Handout will
be up by next Monday the Kresge Library Instruction Web Page and here on this Blog.
Here's the URL for the Instruction web page:

The "Marketing Research Database" session can also be
downloaded as a PODCAST from the Kresge DASH series page:

November 01, 2006

Dreaming of Candy...Information on the Halloween Market

Thinking about all that Halloween candy bought yesterday for trick or treaters? So are we. At Kresge Library, we have a large number of market reports and news information that can shed some light on exactly how much candy is sold for this holiday…and others.

The Library has many resources that have information on Marketing.

Mintel Reports: See reports entitled Seasonal Chocolate Confectionery - (August 2006) & Holiday Shopping - (April 2005) See reports entitled (The U.S. Market for Chocolate, Candy, Gum & Mints, Volumes I-III (2003)

IBISWorld: See reported entitled (31134 - Nonchocolate Confectionery Manufacturing in the US)

You can also search for news articles from resources such as ABI/Inform, Business Source Complete (EBSCO) and Factiva from the Electronic Journals page.

When searching the databases, remember that sometimes you need to change your terms to make searches more successful. Many reports will be found by searching for Halloween, but you might find more by searching for “seasonal and candy?. The latter search will also yield information on Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day, three large candy holidays.

There are also many great resources available via the Internet. One resource is the National Retail Federation. They have a page of information on holidays and special occasions since 2002. Insofar as Halloween Candy, the NRF reports that the average consumer will spend $18.72 on candy. The entire Halloween market in the states is expected to approach $5 billion dollars! Go to full press release and survey results.