Kresge Library News: Kresge Library is now participating in MeLCat (Michigan Statewide Catalog and Requesting Service)

November 17, 2006

Kresge Library is now participating in MeLCat (Michigan Statewide Catalog and Requesting Service)

The Kresge Library is proud to announce our participation in the MeLCat statewide catalog and requesting service.

What is MeLCat?

MeLCat is a statewide catalog and resource sharing project that allows materials to be shared among all types of libraries in Michigan. These materials include books, CDs, DVDs, scores, manuscripts, etc., on a wide range of subjects. MeLCat currently has over 130 participating libraries (not all libraries in Michigan participate). In a nutshell, you now have access to literally millions of items beyond the Kresge Library's walls! With over 19 million items and growing, MeLCat strives to meet your professional, scholarly, and leisure reading material needs.

What are the benefits of MeLCat for Kresge Library patrons?

- One-stop shopping to find materials owned by all types of libraries statewide
- Request materials online from other participating libraries
- Pick up materials from other libraries at Kresge
- Check the status of your request online

MeLCat can help in the following situations (amongst many others):

- Kresge Library does not have the particular book you are looking for. Use MeLCat to find out who does have it, and request it online.

- Kresge Library has the book you need, but it is checked out. Use MeLCat to find out who else has it, and request it online.

- You are working on a MAP project and another library in the state has materials on your topic. Request them online through MeLCat!

- You'd love to check out a cookbook to help with your party planning, but the Kresge Library doesn't have any cookbooks. Check MeLCat to see who does, and request them online.

How does it work?

In the Kresge Library Catalog, there's a new button that reads "Search MeLCat". If you click this button, you can see what is available across the state (at academic and public libraries such as Michigan State, Wayne State, Library of Michigan, Ann Arbor District Library, etc.) To request items from MeLCat, you will need to select "University of MI business" as the library and provide the 14-digit barcode on your MCard.

Have questions?

If you’re uncertain whether you’ve established borrowing privileges with the Kresge Library, have questions or comments about the MeLCat service, or experience any problems requesting items through MeLCat, please feel free to stop by the Library or write to


Kresge Library Catalog:

Melcat Catalog

Participating Libraries

MeLCat FAQ (in Find.It.Fast!)


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