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November 28, 2006

More Brilliance from the Browsing Book Collection

Do Those Dove Ads Really Make "Real Women" Feel Better?

"No One Looks That Good in Real Life!" by Wood, Solomon, and Enlis addresses a controversial issue in a matter of advertising effects. For the past 30 years, the presumed negative impact of beautiful female images on women's self-esteem has been a concern of feminists and others, such as mental health professionals. This essay first reviews the studies that try to quantify and demonstrate these effects. As with the literature on sex appeals, the results are at best, inconclusive. (Using the "real-woman simulated" modeling technology of the Land's End Catalog web site)...the findings of Wood et. al. are provocative....

For more on this study, pick up: Persuasive Imagery: A Consumer Response Study, edited by Linda M. Scott and Rajeev Batra

Should I Look at Company Insiders for Stock Picking Strategies?

"Top executives in small firms can predict the direction of future stock price movements rather well...For instance, insider's purchases are more profitable than insider's sales...Similarly higher volume of trade indicates higher quality of insider information for all three classes of officers and directors. Third, insider trading in small firms is most profitable, holding trading volume and class of insiders constant....In general regardless of what else is going on, top executives have the best information."

From Investment Intelligence From Insider Trading by H. Nejat Seyhun

Bloomberg, a database in Kresge Library gives information on Insider Trading. Ask a Librarian for details, or email Also, FactSet, a database in the Tozzi Financial Center details Insider Trades. Ask Manager Kai Petainen for details or email


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