Kresge Library News: GMID - Global Market Information Database Gets a New Look

August 01, 2007

GMID - Global Market Information Database Gets a New Look

GMID (Global Market Information Database) from Euromonitor has been given a facelift. The new interface provides category based access to the familiar set of market, demographic and economic history/forecast data.

Each industry has its own starting page with current industry news, links to market reports, statistics and company reports for that industry and its segments.

New starting pages have also been created for Countries, Consumers and Geographies, providing links to the reports and data related to those categories.

Looking for the familiar checkbox interface to the industry, demographic, consumer and economic data? Use the Menu Search under the 'Search' menu, or use the links on the left menu to select a specific statistical group.

If you have questions about using the new interface to GMID, or any of the other library resources, please contact us at


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